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Lecturer: Hamed Ahmadpanahi (Optics) about Multila...Lees verder


Title: High-precision wavefront control for 4D PSF...Lees verder


Image analysis in optical coherence tomography. Re...Lees verder


Lecturer: Shammi Rahangadale and Sonia Conesa Boj...Lees verder


Lecturer: Marco Mout (Optics) and Elizabeth Carro...Lees verder



We are involved in the European Outreach Project Photonics4all. We aim to promote photonics and light based technologies throughout the EU via videos, tools and our presence to activities and conferences through 2015-2016

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Bsc/Master Projects

  • Photonics on Chip
  • Phosphorescence in Multilayers
  • Hyperbolic metamaterials
  • Diffraction and scattering of Nano-particules
  • Apply TeraHertz to industry issues
  • 2 new topics for ASML (Eindhoven) with Internship allowance
  • LEDs and their future
  • Lithography and Optics Systems at ASML
  • Optimization of the Image Quality of Security Cameras
  • Single Photon Interference Experiments with the Frequency Comb Laser Source
    Many more...

Optics Research Group at TUDelft

The Optics Research Group (Optica in Dutch) is specialized in electromagnetic wave theory and imaging techniques operating in both near and far-field region and has one of the longest histories of research in Delft.
Ranging from Extreme UV wavelengths to the Terahertz frequency band, we cover a large range of research topics that have applications in many advanced technologies.
Our Research facilities include various experimental set-ups (clean room) and parallel computing capabilities via a linux server. In addition, the group has access to many commercial software packages and has develloped over the years a large variety of home-made software tools tackling specific research simulation problems.

The Optics Research Groups has a strong international network in optics and is strongly involved in:

  • Dutch Optics Centre - DOC.
  • European Optical Society (EOS), our professor, Paul Urbach is a forner president of the Society.

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Work in progress: Realisation of the VLLAIR Lab

16 februari 2017

The building activities for our new VLLAIR lab (D1-Wing ground floor) are more or less completed. Gradually the equipment and furniture are moved in. Please find below a “sneak preview” of the lab. Lees verder


Joost de Jong started his MSc project

13 februari 2017

Joost will work together with Robert Moerland on Polarization STED at cryogenic temperatures Lees verder


Project Jacob Hoogenboom on electron-beam induced fluorescence superresolution granted

10 februari 2017

Molecules such as proteins act together to regulate life. Correct functioning is intricately related to which molecules locate precisely where within a cell, and dysfunction is often linked to diseases. Current microscopy techniques fail to provide a complete picture: multi-colour optical microscopy does not reach the necessary molecular resolution and it cannot image the underlying details of...Lees verder

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